Adventure Adelaide

After almost a month since moving from Darwin, trying to settle down in Adelaide. Took a while to get the basics sorted.While keeping low behind the scene, i have been closely following all that's happening around the world, especially in photography. Thanks to Face book and Twitter. The big news from the last few days was obviously the announcement of Canon's latest flagship camera the EOS 1D X. Here is a detailed review from non other than Rob Galbraith Meanwhile, so glad to know my mates around the world are all doing great. Those of you who are exploring and experimenting new things, good luck. And to all you out on assignments in various parts of the world...keep up your great work. I am yet to get my break where I was hoping but I believe it is just a matter of time to clear the hurdle. Sent out emails to a number of PR firms in Adelaide the other day and glad to get some positive reply. Anyone know someone wanting to hire a photog down South in Australia, please pass on my details.