Getty Sports Picture Of The Week

Image Another one of my photo made it to Getty Images APAC Sports Picture of the Week.

Not a great deal I know.

I should have had more appearing in this given my years in the profession.

The sad fact is I am still struggling with the Canon Mark 111 which makes my life so difficult.

Its been a while since I am waiting to get my hands on the IDX which Canon Australia promised to get me long before it was even launched.

They obviously have other priorities, especially with the Olympics happening at the time of the launch which they timed it so that they get to sell more.

What I understood is they 'CPS' don't care for small time freelancers like me at all.

Repeatedly I send out emails but they had excuses, don't have enough in stock etc.

What shocked me is it is now available in the local store for more than a week. But Canon don't have one to spare for me.

Then one must think why can't I buy from the local dealer?

Simply because I was hoping to save a few hundred dollars by buying it straight from Canon.

Any amount I can save matters for me at a time when I am struggling for work.

Anyway life goes on.

I am forced to rent a Mk 4 each time I have to shoot a footy and thus give a big share of my small earning towards it.

I wish I was in a better position to buy the new camera and thus have more good photos coming my way.Image