The Day My Plan Went Wrong

A shot from the remote camera. I was suppose to post this experience a while ago as it happened few weeks back. Got busy with cricket and some other issues but I thought it is still worth sharing. It was a day at work when my plans went wrong.

I was at the NBL match covering for Getty Images. After much of planning and discussing with my mate who normally shoots for Getty, I decided to have a remote camera set-up on top of the catwalk in the stadium. Not the ideal place to shoot basketball as it it way off the court unlike directly looking into the court at an NBA game in the US. And I have to mention this is in Adelaide, Australia and we are still way behind in terms of facilities, especially when it comes to sporting venues. Having said that I have to thank the media co-ordinator and stadium manager who was of ext

remely great help to me. I reached the stadium at least and hour and half before the match. When I arrived my mind said I should speak to them and see if they let me mount the camera behind the basket instead of the catwalk which my friend successfully did and got some good shots in the past. To my luck the stadium manger agreed to my plan, provided the television crew agree. Finally I got the green light. Have to mention this, I was the first person to get permission to do so and every other photographer including the one representing the local paper tried this in the past and never got to do. I managed to get myself a ladder and got the camera mounted behind the net not causing any hassle for anyone including the television. My photographer friend from the paper was surprised to see me get permission to do this and was glad it will open the door for others to do the same from now on. I was thrilled for the rest of the photographers as well. After doing some test and ensuring everything is alright I went to the media room to set-up my computer. Five minutes before the start I got a call from my photographer friend saying your remote camera is dismounted. I had a shock of life as it had never happened to me in the past. And I have successfully done it in the past at even smaller basketball stadiums. After speaking with the stadium manager I decided to go and fix it one last time. During the time the team was warming up and you can imagine a pro basketball league where players love to slam dunk and do all sort of crazy thing hanging on the net etc. Each time a player went bang on the net my heartbeat increased. Now with less than two minutes left to the start, my camera, attached on the always reliable magic arm, dismounted again from the position. With hardly two minutes to the start I realized it is not wise to have my camera sitting there anymore. Quick came the ladder, thanks to the security person who was kind to be at my help. And with all eyes on the court including the packed stadium and live television I went up and took the camera down just in time for the start. Was a big embarrassment and a lesson even though it was something which I have done successfully in the past. Anyone else wanting to do so at the Adelaide 36'ers basketball arena do so only after they get a new set of basket which does not shake like the one they have now.