Breakthrough photographic products of 2012

Yet another year is slipping past. We have seen many advance in photography. The competition goes as usual between Canon and Nikon. Both have come up with their flagship DSLR models.Some professionals did make the hard decision and switched brands after many deducted years shooting with their favorite camera. For some the switch was easy as you change between one body to another. While for some, especially the freelancer had to dig deep to change the entire kit including lenses. The summer Games was the perfect event to experiment including the wire shooters. But for the layman the photos probably didn't look any different. However the photographer must be happier than before as shooting in low light become better than ever before. So the winner of the year to me is 'ISO'. Not the camera. Let me borrow the quote from Chase Jarvis to conclude, "The best camera is the one you have". Happy 2013 and wish everyone a fantastic year of shooting. Breakthrough Photographic Products of 2013