Remote Camera Shot From A-League

I've been experimenting remote camera behind a soccer goal for some years now. And I have to admit it is justImage a matter of being lucky to get a good shot. Of course it is important to have a proper camera (that can handle high ISO as the stadium I shoot is not favorite among photographers in Adelaide because of the poor lighting) and set-up. But that's not a great deal if you are shooting with the Canon IDX or a Nikon D4. And if you can afford to have a high-end spare camera body to sit behind the goal, fantastic. I don't have one to spare.

A Canon Mk 1V can do the job but you need to deal with the noise like from this shot I got. I couldn't bother as I was only hired by the club to cover the match.

The issue that I like to share and hear from other photographers is how do you deal with having the transmitter on the camera you are shooting.

I had the Pocketwizard MultiMax turned off on the camera I was shooting with most of the time. I only switched it on when play happened around the goal where I had the camera set-up.

I have to think about the remote camera and a lot of time I was simply pressing the shutter on the main camera (the one with the 400mm) without even bothered to look whats in my frame.

By doing so I am lost in what I frame and sometimes had blank frames with no action in it (pretty much like someone doing sports photography for the first time)!

The only solution I can think of not to miss any action but still get the remote camera do the job is, having the remote in hand or use it with a cable trigger which I saw with a senior shooter at cricket recently.

The trouble I think I may have by juggling between the two is chances of missing focus tracking the main action on camera one.

If anyone have the experience and like to share their way of dealing with the situation please do so by replying to the post.

If hand-held trigger cables are the solution to use with Pocketwizard, do share where to buy.

Happy shooting.