Code Replacement when Shooting Sports

A fast workflow is very important when it comes to shooting sports. Photographers want to utilise features available to them in order to make this fast workflow possible. In Photo Mechanic a nifty tool called code replacement speeds up captioning drastically and it is very useful asset. As said on the official Camera Bits website;

"Code Replacement is a feature which speeds up captioning of often-used terms or names like those used in sports photography, but can be used as a method of shorthand for any type of photography. To use Code Replacement, you must prepare a UTF-8 text file in 'tab-separated format. You can use any text editor to generate the text file. The format of the text file is simple. It is comprised of two or more ‘columns’, the first being the ‘Code’ and the second through last being the ‘Replacements’. These ‘columns’ are separated by a ‘tab’ character. Using just spaces won't work. Ideally, you want your codes to be as short as possible while being completely unique."

This feature is most useful when editing sports. I can make a short code for a particular player (the players number) and co-assign a longer code (the players name). So when I enter the short code it automatically changes to the long code (changes the players number to the players name). This eliminates the need to be searching for the name of each player and makes captioning a breeze. What a nifty feature!

For more detail on this feature and a tutorial on how to do it, here is an official video from the developers of Photo Mechanic, Camera Bits.

I mainly use this feature when I shoot AFL. On the Downloads section of my website I will have the code replacement files for AFL teams 2016. You are able to download this file and upload it to Photo Mechanic in order to use code replacement. If you are unsure on how to do this, watch the tutorial linked above.